horse game good bc it lets me roleplay as karkat but snas and go on a dinner date with jake english 100% seriously, as karkat but snas

forgets to use litterally any social media except horse roleplay game bc i have control of my life

awful bold of my friends to assume i have briancells or the ability to functionally communicate wait fuck i forgot to eat dinner while i was hyperfocusing sdfgbnb

me, eyes opening with a glass breaking sound: do spider/drider people count as a spider tw do i need to add that????
i do not know but i love my firends so i gotta

me, realizing that i WILL forget to add tws to the doc im writing about my ocs to share with my friends and knowing theres like. a lot going on: OH SHIT I SHOULD WRITE THOSE

me, writing these down and realizing Jesus Christ There Really Is Just So Much Going On:

hey everyone on local please love and appreciate shadow the hedgehog

jk rowling just proves once again that we should just plagiarize cool ideas from shitty media and make our own unrelated content with them thats trans and gay.

also shoutout to my fellow members of danny phantom fandom for straight up divorcing bitch fartman, ignoring the entirety of season 3, creating an entire canon oc out of a bg character, and making the mc canonically trans and bi, love you funky little bitches

this isn't in response to anything in particular im just constantly sick of the english's shite

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society has surpassed the need for the english. change the uk into the united celtic kingdoms. england can be new east wales

meanwhile my name is a library. i am full of books, and also probably muffin wrappers

seriously though why are more of us who choose their own names not choosing more puns!! theyre good names brent!!!

we as a society have surpassed the need for normal names and we should all move on to being named whos on first style bullshit or absurdly aptronymtive puns. also i would like a sick hip tattoo related to my talents and personality. my love of mlp names has nothing to do with either of these things, you can't prove shit

i personally cannot WAIT for the future where neopronouns are not only accepted but mainstream, and some genius fucking kid manages to make their pronouns into a ligma balls joke, killing everyone in the tri-state area instantly and making them go down in meme history

ยกHola! No hablo este idioma, estoy usando Google Translate. ยกSolo quiero decir hola, y espero que estรฉn bien en estos tiempos difรญciles!

callout post for my friends: favorites the posts telling them to sleep smh


i love rediscovering 80s bops because then i can just shove them all into the 1990s alt earth setting i have and have a great time

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