Sometimes I cannot understand whether I like writing documentation, or absolutely hate it.

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@cem Hi, what is carbs linux what is it based on?

@nemo Carbs is a source based musl distribution that aims to be as extendable, and replacable as possible. It was initially forked from KISS, but it isn't based on it.

@cem Thank you for the reply :)

So its basiically a distro like these ones:

I know the concept of KISS.

What is your targedt audience?

Do you plan to make your distro compatible to other embedded, linux versions?

I like your project. Its cool have someone like you around :)👍

You are in germany right?

Türk müsün?

@nemo The target audience is people who want better understanding and control over their system without losing functionality. It is meant to be simple, but not lacking.

I don't plan to port Carbs to embedded computers anytime soon. I am maintaining the distribution by myself, and I really don't have the time to maintain a port that I don't use myself. However, it should be easy if someone wanted to port it to armv7.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Evet Türküm ama şu an Almanyada değilim :)

@cem hahaha ne tesadüf ya :D Memnun oldum tanisdigimiza.👍

Cool, very interesting.

What do you use as productive system? Fedora, something debian based?

Its very nice to meet ya if you wanna have a chat or something hit me😂 😎 👍

@nemo Ben de tanıştığıma memnun oldum :D

I have been using Carbs as my daily driver for over a year now, it has all the features I personally require. However, I care about simplicity and productivity, so my setup might not satisfy everyone.

Before that I was using Void Linux which I think is the best binary distribution.

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