Lemme guess -- capitalism? I bet it was capitalism

Me (on any given day): "do I have to pick up my kid after soccer / dance / school?"
"did I remember to pay the heating bill?"
"what the hell are we gonna slap together for a meal?"
Ppl on social media:

That's right, don't underestimate how much worse he can make things

Why not pour this energy into federating birdsite? Or... is that where things are headed? Idk, this feels like a shiny object being dangled off to the side to distract ppl from some nefarious shit

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what if we… followed each other in the fediverse… aha ha, just kidding.. unless..?

Why the hell would she? She lives in a mansion with people she pays to get stuff for her. If I were her, pandemic or not I'd prolly go a decade without leaving the house

Weird, somehow you stopped watching AoE4 cutscenes for long enough to write an article about how you can't stop watching AoE4 cutscenes

Take custody arrangements away from the science-denying parent. There, problem solved


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