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I despise my past self. I have written a lot of stuff I'm not proud of The thought of someone reading those scares me
These fears haunted me for so long until one day I decided to physically burn down 100s of pages of my old works.the fear of being wrong still haunts me. I'm afraid to write down anything.everytime I finish something i have the urge to keep it private or just burn it down, the tooting bird will take away my posts forever and I'm afraid I can't call it back.

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FLOSS and the idea of software freedom is a political statement. Politics also evolve as humanity evolves.

At it's heart though, you can't go wrong with the idea of Freedom of the Commons over individual freedom.

Freedom means different things to different people. Humanity survives by cooperation, so individual liberty is meaningless if it comes at the expense of others. Like everything it's a balance.

There's a reason for the golden rule.

To clarify some potential misconceptions:

This account is for updates about Lemmy development. We wont discuss about politics here. is not a flagship instance. If you disagree with the rules, either look for another instance or make your own. Thats the whole point of federation. More details:

discord is a corporation 

the developer of is formally deprecating the project, and the only path forward would be for someone else to make a different version under a new name.

essentially, they've been in a constant battle with Discord staff and had their requests completely ignored, and with the latest changes to the API, they have lost all motivation to work on the project. because no one else they trust was able to take over ownership, they're shutting it down.

they made a big post on GitHub about it if you want to read the full story. it's a mess:

from what it seems, there's a good chance that a lot of major Discord bots will not work when the deadline in April 2022 comes by and Discord wants all the bots to switch to the new API. and there's not much you can really do about it

techy; I made a thing! 

now that my gitea server isn't horribly unstable I'm finally starting to release some of the work I've been doing over the past few months.

first one is a rust crate called viro!

Loads your environment so you don't have to.

Offers a data structure for serializing and deserializing environment variables, to allow for easy loading of /etc/profile scripts in non-POSIX shells like fish. The viro binary is only available for unix-based systems at the moment; see the "Roadmap" section of this README for details.

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century 

The worst of #urban planning and #capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to #Dubai, everyone.

RT @shailjapatel
I am once again asking you to stop pretending that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 brought anything but death and devastation to Afghan women and children.

Anyone worried about the revival of the Taliban ought to be hoping for the revival of the communists.

Did you know? Generative artists sleep so deep, they sometimes wake up with an accidental piece on their face.

A sober, careful critique of the CMIE Pyramids Household surveys. As official Indian data systems fail us, we rely more on sources like this, which may be misleading. @_CMIE should revisit sample and methodology to get more representative and realistic.

I read about the history of pleroma instances and the origin of the project now it makes sense why is a shithole

We are glad to announce Software Freedom Camp 2021 Diversity Edition Registration will be open soon. To receive updates about the camp registration, please join us via any of the following channels

Terrific essay by @UpmanyuAditi. Much of what she says can be applied to other canonised male writers, even if not in such extreme form. So glad that young women are finally calling this out. via @livewire

(Yeah, yeah... not yet actually. But soon 😎)

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