Spending weeks and months now considering where and how to switch to remote across national borders. This didn’t trouble me before 2020.

Remote work is a lot easier today, but that also opened the door for a lot of new and important choices to be made by conscious, responsible individuals.


If you have no kids and can move anywhere where do you go? Near friends? Near family? Your’s or your partner’s? How long can you tolerate being a nomad? How do you set expectations when arriving somewhere new?

And that’s just on the personal side. How do you deal with international work laws? Do you pass off as a contractor? Do you stretch the lines of being an employee in one country while spending as much time as you can outside that country? Do you commit to having to travel frequently to keep it legal? Do you dive into local work law and adapt as you move? All these sound pretty terrible to me.

How do you deal with time zones? Do you stick to a longitude range? Are you happy to work when most of your team is asleep? Do you accept working for partially remote orgs where you are fully remote but not everyone is? Do you commit to yearly travel for a quarterly on-site?

Remote work is a privilege I can’t see myself discarding, but the freedom to work from anywhere comes with many difficult choices to make.

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