Just barely escaped having to spend a good chunk of my Sunday head down in on-call duties. :ablobcool:

I just have such a hard time accepting people who want to be the boss on the condition that others do all the work. I suspect this is very immature of me, but I still can't get around it. Send help.

Technical write-ups, why are they so slow to get written?

The most striking aspect of Boris' political demise today, for someone as politically illiterate as me, is that while there seems to be no amount of incompetence that will get you fired, a simple third party sexual scandal is enough to get you booted.

Seems you can be completely hopeless at the job, just not indecent.

Someone please teach me how to deal with petty feedback and bike shedding arguments in PR reviews. In 15 years of work this skill has evaded me.

If you're unlucky to have enough of them surrounding you, your incentives are inevitably going to have to align with them. So the effect is a bit like a cancer cell, which reproduces, occupies and dominates and area of the org which will never be productive again.

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They want to look like they're helping, directing, managing, and contributing as much as possible with as little effort as possible. But having real, impressive success stories in the team only works against them.

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There's no incentive for them to make positive changes, nor to help their team mates achieve better results.

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In top tech companies, there are some people who will never leave out of their own accord, and for whom, there is never any sense of urgency.

Rebasing a patch with 4k changed lines after 6 weeks of changes upstream 😭

Whoa EPUB support! I guess I now feel slightly less ashamed of having bought a Kindle recently 😅

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Starting to loose trust in the debugger while troubleshooting a live distributed system race condition - is this what insanity feels like?

Yes, I know its completely unreasonable, but when the UI updates from under my selection/pointer just before I press/click, I feel like someone should go to jail for this.

Remote work is a privilege I can’t see myself discarding, but the freedom to work from anywhere comes with many difficult choices to make.

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How do you deal with time zones? Do you stick to a longitude range? Are you happy to work when most of your team is asleep? Do you accept working for partially remote orgs where you are fully remote but not everyone is? Do you commit to yearly travel for a quarterly on-site?

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And that’s just on the personal side. How do you deal with international work laws? Do you pass off as a contractor? Do you stretch the lines of being an employee in one country while spending as much time as you can outside that country? Do you commit to having to travel frequently to keep it legal? Do you dive into local work law and adapt as you move? All these sound pretty terrible to me.

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If you have no kids and can move anywhere where do you go? Near friends? Near family? Your’s or your partner’s? How long can you tolerate being a nomad? How do you set expectations when arriving somewhere new?

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