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Spending weeks and months now considering where and how to switch to remote across national borders. This didn’t trouble me before 2020.

Compare that with “Portugal” for example, you know it’s always under “P”, in any context in any translation. The underrated value of cohesion is right there.

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Finding UK or all the GB, England, and translation variants in a country list drop down form field always feels like an annoying adventure. Can’t we agree to stick with one? This is an issue not many countries have to live with.

My main issue with Java these days - its "write once, run everywhere" design principle means lots of abstractions over the system. And that was once appropriate but these days there's only one place we really want to run Java in, and that's inside a Linux container. So all those abstractions just end up getting in the way.

Some days I'm writing code, but some days I'm just fighting gradle

The underrated tech upgrade this year in the house so far are the smart color lights. Steady little nuggets of joy througout different parts the day since we got them.

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, bathroom breaks every thirty minutes

It’s a sad state of affairs. Re-Watching Dr House

some days you feel sad, but some days you write a nice new e2e integration test framework for your service and feel good about life

When teams are distanced from the business consequences of their decisions, they very easily invent their own problems. Frequent in large orgs.

Hey at least this isn’t contaminated with Wordels everywhere

Now there’s this weird button in the bottom right which I cannot figure out what the heck is the idea here?

With Toot! there’s a decent render. Also seems to have all the basics to publish pictures. Crispy app all round. I think I might just stick to this one!

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With mast you get a partial render. Attaching the screenshot is fine, but only way to remove the image is to discard the whole toot

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With the mastodon app, there’s just no render. Laymes. Trying to attach a screenshot, but doesn’t work

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The rendering is kinda ok tho, at least in some of the apps

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But I’m guessing there’s no notification for the original toot’maker, and no way to find the quotes toots for a popular toot

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