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before cis girl caliborn i made this epic transgenderism content back in march

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📌making a pinned post📌

my names are anthy and snaily, im 20 and i draw homestuck because ive got brainworms

my art account is @lovecore and im also active on @snail 🐌

xq hay tanta gente hablando en español en local wtf

i think i might have a Pretentious Man moment and say that the shining is my favorite movie

i tried to draw anyway and my arm started to hurt even more i might need to rest

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MY ARM AND HAND HAVE BEEN HURTING THE ENTIRE DAY could this the end of anthy's artistic career ?!

dirk is literally my default character to draw when trying palettes

fantroll posting 

trickster arcs are the baseball episodes of fanventures
feat @galaxymooing's floosh

the ancom accounts that just post red and black aesthetics but never actually talk abt politics i mean

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nothing feels as rewarding as blocking every spaniard and ancom as soon as i see them post

fantroll posting, smoking 

risa itou's oruchuban ebichu lady is my muse i stole her personality for laiknd

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i love think parasite (the anime) was a lil overhyped im on ep 4 and its. not that great

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