Finally found the bitch who's been ruining my life!!!!

saw gamdave the other day............ get my boy outta there

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if i had no restraint i would spend like 90% of my time on hs twt shipbashing

oh shit u can clear notifs on here? sweet

the chad online persona vs the incel irl self

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also i like people imagining me as terezi lol. id rather people just imagine what i look like based off my personality ig

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fr ill never post my face on here or twt but it's funny like ive had multiple people ask about a "face reveal" and I've given out my ig where ive posted my face y'all are just lazy motherfuckers

the tagging system on here is so great omg

it's like i genuinely love a lot of the people on hs twt, and i wish that sometimes i could just block out all but like 200 accounts

i still don't get what an instance is lol

hrrng...... lack of attention............ i wither and fade into nothing................

im such a fraud with this sasuke layout ive never even finished shippuden

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What better way to start things off than with something I don't regret making.

nepeta i did a bit ago but with a cool filter

martin blackwood is a character.
i was gonna put this on a company id card but im lazy

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