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am I the only one who hears Meowth when someone replies “that’s right”

It may just be a common chest in , but I was happy to find it. Chests are harder to find in my Teyvat than they used to be. lol

Trying to get enough primogems together for at least a few more rolls on the Keqing banner.

I am bloom, destroyer of oceanids. Barbara will be glorious. Until I get Ningguang. Then it's Ningguang time.

My thoughts on the upcoming banners...

Xiao Banner: :(
Keqing Banner: :3

Think I might spend some time building Barbara. Have the urge to try DPSing with her. :3

Wait... If I do bird dogs in my workout, does that make them bird cats?

Looks like I'll finally be able to get Ningguang after version 1.3 of hits. Think I'll start saving up resources for her. :3

Kind of annoyed that I still don't have Ningguang in . Do have Diluc, though. Kind of pulled him during a 'task successfully failed' moment since I was hoping for Ningguang. Been getting quite a bit of use out of Diluc. Would be nice to actually pull a Ningguang, though.

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