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I have a theory that La Signora may have immortality akin to Albedo. No not that Albedo. I mean the one from Xenosaga.

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Hopefully, Hu Tao to La Signora fans: You've been pranked!

Really liking the new update so far. Seems like the devs changed how mobile connections are handled. Picking up items seems to be much more responsive now. Crab hunting is much easier for me now. Need to try crystalfly hunting later. Unfortunately, I'm getting much worse lag along the lines of frozen frames. Seems like a worthwhile trade off, imo.

To roll for Yoimiya or to not roll for Yoimiya. Guess I'll spend some time in her trial.

I have been playing recently. Nice game. Finally managed to get a 5 star op from the recruitment interface. lol

Decided to swap out my workout routine for a pose routine instead. Toying with the idea of trying to build a routine based off poses cause why not. Could be fun. lol

Hiya, fedi! I should try to be more active on here. lol

I think is trying to tell me something. I keep pulling this shipgirl.

am I the only one who hears Meowth when someone replies “that’s right”

It may just be a common chest in , but I was happy to find it. Chests are harder to find in my Teyvat than they used to be. lol

Trying to get enough primogems together for at least a few more rolls on the Keqing banner.

I am bloom, destroyer of oceanids. Barbara will be glorious. Until I get Ningguang. Then it's Ningguang time.

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