If you had a warning label, what would yours say? β€” WARNING: CUTE curiouscat.qa/cosmicbun11/post

I would have never imagined I would get a box this big for a pair of wired earphones

I'm not as certain now if I want to use public PeerTube server for my video the fediverse doesn't seem to be all that authentic

building a website before doing anything else 'cause why not

Have you realised that my pfp looks sick when viewed upright but when you rotate it to see it at the face angle it kinda breaks the illusion

don't mind me i'm doing my quarantine...

I can't help but notice while Mastodon kinda got hold of its ground, it's still quite far from widespread, especially outside tech and activism.

"this guy thinks he's a girl because he don't like games? lol talk about stereotyping and he's not even diagnosed with..."
she's a fucking. woman.

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i'm not dead i'm just tootanising(?) myself... *zzzzzz*


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