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in case you’re missing Twitter I created this handy graph showing what’s happened to their share price this week

I'll be holding off streaming and videomaking for some time to readjust my priorities

Today's stream is unlisted because, well, it's a spoiler.
I've exported the video on-stream and you can expect it to be online in a few days.

I'm still contemplating on whether or not to upload it simultaneously to OpenTube(Peertube).

I wasn't looking at the clock, silly me
I'll start streaming in about 20 minutes from now. Sorry for the delay.

I have a repairman coming today so I cannot stream. I'll do some sound effect curation so that I can proceed with editing right away next week.

my website is actually outdated atm but am too busy being a procrastinator that im barely catching up with my youtube schedule 😩

Sorry for not keeping the schedule for the last two weeks. Next stream tomorrow is going as planned. See you then!

@cosmicbun11 I am so satisfied that the previous earbuds that i paid $100 for is immediately thrown into the box, never used them since i got this.

I also thought it would do badly in outdoors because of its (relatively) weak bass, but it sounds just as solid as indoors.

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Bought a Final Audie E1000 for ~$30
and oh. my. god.

Sound is flat, clean, and wide. They cut corners in the right spot and instead delivered amazing audio, just like the reviews said.

When I'm looking for bang for the buck, this is what I mean by it. 10/10, very good purchase.

would anyone help this poor bun find a music? i've heard it all over the internet but had no luck locating it even with song search. i can't make audio atm so here's a rough transcription

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