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The stream has ended. Thank you all for coming and see me work on my new video!

You can still see the stream through the link as well. It was a very productive stream. Here's Mr. Rugby.

I'm getting back on track and I will start streaming my video-making progress over at YouTube!
No mic due to social distancing and family members, but it's meant to be a productive stream anyway. I will be in the chat tho.

First stream starts at Jan 4 15:30 UTC+9 (06:30 UTC; 01:30 EST)

it feels like the pieces don't fit
i'm not motivated to do anything other than scroll through twitter/reddit/youtube endlessly
youtube has been my "priority" for the past 2 years and i think the pressure rather held me back instead of being helpful

quarantine 6/14:
The video's less planned out than I thought it was. I tried filming myself instead of storyboarding but might have to go with the normal way.

This journey's somehow emotional to me. Framkly I don't know what will come out of this.

quarantine 1/14:
my body decided to empty my bowel, violently.

i'm re-re-recording the voiceover, because i have a date that needs to change, and bc having 2 files is kinda inconvienient so might as well redo the whole thing.
tmr i can finish voice processing and draft a video.

that last toot was an accident but it immediately got reactions which goes to show who the target audience of mastodon really is

I would have never imagined I would get a box this big for a pair of wired earphones

I'm not as certain now if I want to use public PeerTube server for my video the fediverse doesn't seem to be all that authentic

Have you realised that my pfp looks sick when viewed upright but when you rotate it to see it at the face angle it kinda breaks the illusion

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