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❓What does it mean to create neurodiverse wellbeing?

🤔Why is there a rising focus on the link between + technology?

❔How does this impact those that are ?

Join us at to explore together.


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This is the year of .

We are seeing it as the bridge between decentralised system -

The universal communication bus -

Running whole conferences -

This is the year of the Decentralised Web / Dweb

I can't help but slightly smirk about these windows errors in displays.😏


Join us, Saturday, 27th, between 10am and 4pm, in the lovely venue at for a chat about data sustainability and how your data might affect the planet



Personalisation is no longer reserved for commercial parties like Spotify and Netflix. We spoke with s and about creating a central open-source recommendation and data control service called


Much more in-depth details on's research projects into personal data stores with and the .
Written by

What is the ?

Something we are exploring but with many others such as the great people in a new book called - "Building a European Digital Public Space: Strategies for taking back control from Big Tech platforms"


🔊 How does a spatial future sound?
🧘🏽 Can audio breathe in the metaverse? and other luminaries shine a light on revolutionary research into new audience connections.

🎧 Dec 2

Book now! 🔗


What is the and why is Meta/Facebook so obsessed with it?

With the excellent from

Espresso Martini from a tap in the britions protection!
It's not bad but overlay sweet

Well look what came in the post today
Congratulations again 😊

Google runs out of Bose 700 headphones for Pixel 6 pre-orders, moves to new Bose QC45
As well as €75 store credit. A good deal just got better?

Wondering which ones I will get now?

"Your order of "The Full Stack Developer..." and 1 more item(s) has been dispatched"

I know one person who will like this email subject 😁

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