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❓What does it mean to create neurodiverse wellbeing?

🤔Why is there a rising focus on the link between + technology?

❔How does this impact those that are ?

Join us at to explore together.

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This is the year of .

We are seeing it as the bridge between decentralised system -

The universal communication bus -

Running whole conferences -

This is the year of the Decentralised Web / Dweb

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🎺🎺🎺 We're extremely happy to announce our final speaker for !

Let’s welcome expert @[email protected] to our incredible line-up!

Check out all our speakers in the 🧵 below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Google Kills Stadia, Its Cloud Gaming Service, Refunding Everyone

Google is shutting down its cloud gaming storefront just a few years after it launched

So much for that eh?

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The good people @[email protected] are building a major tech hub in the . BBC tech vet @[email protected] will be at to discuss BBC R&D's mission, ambitions for the tech hub & his own work on the future of podcasting. Join us!


This looks pretty good and perfectly timed

Bits & Bäume 2022: Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd, TU Berlin

The conference for digitalisation and sustainability

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@rysiek By the way I like blog -

I get them all the time and I'm pretty fed up of them

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It was good to catch up with @[email protected] at the Ethical Dilemma Cafe, supported by @[email protected] and @[email protected], at the @[email protected] over the weekend.

Thought-provoking exhibits about AI and great conversation about how to broaden awareness of this important topic - very glad I went.


Just looked up from working on a presentation for @[email protected] in @[email protected] to see a full on parrot and a man waving at me from outside, trying to scam me into buying airpods.
Thought for a moment I might be day dreaming!
Makes a change from little dog in handbags

@aral Hi Aral, if you would describe web3 (in light of web zero & heck web 5), how would you describe it?

Is there something you have written which I could read in full?

I have my own views but more interested how you got to and the focus on

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I love that BBC R&D are pioneering with “Adaptive podcasting” - the future of personalised podcast experiences. Not only is it a fascinating concept to try but it’s moving the technology in a completely different direction. Kudos ⁦@[email protected]⁩ & Co


Adaptive podcasting is public and you can get it now and join the conversation and communities looking at the future of podcasting

Microsoft Teams has been storing authentication tokens in plaintext

Microsoft's Teams stores auth tokens in unencrypted plaintext mode, allowing attackers to potentially control communications within an organization..

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