Here are a few words I wrote about what it's like being black and working in the UK television industry:


@cubicgarden I worked as a broadcast engineer in the late 90s to the early 2000s (until my employers were so mismanaged they collapsed and were soon after taken over by a company) and what seemed like a dream job turned into a complete fucking nightmare within a few years (and no black employee lasted more than a few months).

Asians such as myself were slightly better treated, but only because the manager of the electronics production factory was a prominent anti-racist activist in the 1980s >>

@cubicgarden today I work in tech for a minority owned health and social care organisation which assists vulnerable people (with a genuinely well treated multicultural staff base) - the work is boring "corporate IT" stuff and not cool/creative, but its a far more secure position and I am far better treated and better paid - even if I were offered paid work in the "creative industries" I'd be unlikely to take it as I'm too old now to be dealing with stress and toxic environments..

Everyone has a history and I may also join the voices too.

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