Great summary of last week's

"We SOLD our DATA for a cappuccino ☕ at the Ethical Dilemma Café in Manchester"

You should have seen the bill afterwards!


🎉 had the pleasure to exhibit the ⟣Entoptic Field Camera⟢ at Ethical Dilemma Cafe to show the (not-so-)subtle infusion of data patterns into everyday imaging

Support from //
+ follow for future work and prototypes


Ethical dilemma cafe in full effect

My last session from the virtual events of 2022

Tired but excited about a public service-verse, , getting under the skin of and spending time combining dj mixes with

- come with an idea leave with a community


Last day of already! 😭 But looking forward to Cafe 2.0 with and Jasmine Cox starting in a few seconds.



Ahead of the Ethical Dilemma Cafe 2.0 happening in Manchester, UK, post-MozFest, this virtual segment with Director & Ian Forrester - - will discuss on & offline data use & how it can surprise, provoke & pose real Qs. ➡️



Can our tech be used to support DJs as they mix, scratch, drop the bass, and move people onto the dance floor? would like to find out! Maybe your Complimentary tips can help him try. Details below!


If 134 people or even half of the people come along to the "Metaverse vs the PublicService Internet". My session might break 😁
should I be calling for help.


HELLO! Excited to be getting under way with the Grand Experiment this week! Here's today's schedule including office hours and sessions with,, and myself!


Just about finished the workshop for the

The Metaverse vs the Publicservice internet

Join 89 other people as we explore both and potentially something new

2022 virtual, is happening next week, Monday - Friday (all timezones!)

Get your tickets here :

You certainly want to join my session titled - The Public Service Internet vs The Metaverse


One of the things that I've loved about being a Ambassador this year has been the awesome people I have met. People like, who is helping to spread the word on The Grand Experiment. Read on & join in.


Its arrived... &'s great tipping experiment

Something I wrote about previously -

Bet you wished you got a ticket now?
Its not too late -

The Grand Web Monetization (WebMon) Experiment is go! Tipping and all!

Better you are glad you signed up to early right?

The ethical dilemma cafe is back for 2022 and its coming to on April 25-26th.

If you are local enough to Manchester, you should not miss this one!

The lands in on 26/27th April as the ethical dilemma cafe 2022 / fringe event

You won't want to miss this unique experience. Get your tickets for now -

The schedule for is now live.

You will want to add the incredible deconstruction of the to your schedules!

Get your tickets now ↪️

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