@garfiald Didn't know that was an era. Also didn't know Jim Davis drew you a penis considering you never had one...

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 105 nodes, descending 42 nodes down.

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@marigolds THEY EAT THEMSELVES, they are seriously bad news

@marigolds trix is for kids? why this rabbit want kids, huh? why he sneaking up on them? that rabbit ain't right

@marigolds you can't trust people who can't even get every box right, that's why Oops! All Berries was invented, to cover up his mistakes

@marigolds I think their names were Bad Apple and CinnaMon

@marigolds I swear Captain Crunch has a money laundering scheme going on

@emilis wtf is cowposting, do they just post cows all day?

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