follow my insta i dont get on here too much @iluv3mosk8ters

i had a panic attack today so i cried on my floor, ate goldfish n watched a pineapple dancing to calm me down, its honestly relaxing even though it seems like I'm a child

"but first, a toast to emily, always the bridesmaid; never the bride tell me my dear, can a heart still break once its stopped beating?"

i thought my cat left me but she was behind my tv

ahh i got to take a 6 hour nap today, i was only woken up twice, when my dad had to force feed me meds because I was half asleep and when my dog was attacking me

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lewd, on being pansexual 

Me seeing an attractive woman: what if we walked under the moonlight while holding hands and we're both girls 🥺

Me seeing an attractive man: unf yes zaddy blow my back out 🥵

@amici also the video isnt available for my country

@amici im a very horny person, and yea I'm from the US


i cant deal with 80 yr olds trying to look up my skirt its kinda disturbing... that's too old

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