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"like a knife i love when you cut into me"

my thighs and wirsts look better bloody and bruised

"I'm hoping that someone will come and slit my throat
And then I can finally overdose
Shawty looking like she needs some rest
So in the grave, she goes
I'm right beside her
She trying to get what's in my chest
Hollow ribs
She doesn't know that I'm a ghost"

"I am the lord of loneliness
I'll hold my breath, just spoke with death
He said he hopes for the best
Told him I'm roping my neck
Then I woke up choking from the hole in my chest
Somehow I manage to function and hope
Every day got a lump in my throat
That's them pills swallowed whole
Smoke a blunt and then fuck all these hoes
End up humping they throat
Get the fuck away from me
I hate all of you, faithfully"

i got suspended for dumping food on a kids head, that's what you get for calling me a slut

i just love getting my period in the middle of the day

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is it bad im able to pee for 5 mins w out stopping

watching ahs and eating popcorn is all I need in life

mmmm weight loss progress i guess, i mean im thinner than I was 6 months ago 🤷‍♀️

i have an appointment for mental health and ik these old ass men gonna judge me for the way I'm dressed baha

dont you love being in the middle of the hallway talking to people and have your ex walk by to call you a fat whore, its such an amazing feelings

anyone else have extreme anxiety and panic attacks daily or is that just me? its gotten to the point where I have outbursts like when I was younger. its quite aggravating

today i went to my grandmothers for mothers day and had a full down breakdown. i haven't been their since I stayed the night with a family friend and was sexually assaulted. just walking into the garage and seeing the door leading to the basement made me feel so gross. i foreal hate myself

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