Please tell me that quantum electrodynamics was named that just to get the initialism QED

Google Wallet > Google Pay > Google Wallet

this corporation has lost its mind

Toronto's just lousy with bikes today, it's great

Imagine being a billionaire and just owning a bunch of houses and planes and yachts and shit.

Do something cool with that money at least, what a lack of imagination.

They'll go to Ottawa hat in hand begging for $$$ and then turn around and run their mouths about the feds running deficits.

You can't have it both ways, and frankly if I were the feds I would absolutely be shutting these yahoos down. What a bunch of lazy whiners.

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Watching the provinces beg healthcare money from the feds is just pathetic.

Most of these provinces have majority governments, they can absolutely raise the funds themselves. We're talking BC, Alberta, Ontario, these are not have-not provinces.

Take some responsibility!

It's that time of year again, I'm hiring another dev:

Small team, full time remote, anywhere in Canada.

Indeed for Employers site is just big yikes bad, not sure what got lost in translation there but it's incredibly frustrating to use

"Exception while creating Challenge"... most excellent

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If your prototypes (eg cherished categories) can't be widened or destroyed but only made egalitarian, you're just trying to restructure power dynamics between prototypes.

Thus why TERFs get in bed with fascists, both are fundamentally concerned with prototype preservation.

The mountain mint is choking out the Canadian anemone, never seen anything like it

It's that time of day where I look up some HTML feature I absolutely should know but my brain has decided to forget in lieu of remembering all the lyrics to Linkin Park's first album

I look forward to all the folks bleating about wage/price spiral to advocate for shrinking corporate margins and executive pay.

Dear waitstaff, please please please write stuff down. Seeing you try to remember my order gives me anxiety.

Legoland is a neat outing for kids but there's shockingly little actual Lego here, which is a bummer as an adult who likes Lego.

I don't get conservative ideas of individual liberty. I must be able to do as I please without consequence, as long as I do so within the parameters of assigned categories. Thus categories are privileged over the individual. How is this liberty?

Surely someone has used Dall-E to create a picture of Kevin Bacon frying bacon in the style of Francis Bacon

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