——What people anxiously wait for——
• 2021: "Will it soon be 28-year olds' turn to get the ?"
• 2022: "Will it soon be 7-series CPU users' turn to get ?"
• 2023: "Will it soon be Belgians' turn to join Artificial Intelliqueen Electron's quest to turn into cartoon cyborg ?"

for in a nutshell:

. Good graphics, great music, runs at , good controls by PC 3D standards. Only big drawback is that gameplay is artificially slowed down by intended mechanics. Has a 38 Metascore.

. Every character, both and humans, behave like total psychopaths. There's more plot holes than The Room, and almost all backgrounds are taken from "8th graders first VN project owo". Has a 67 Metascore.

The community in a nutshell.

Made even more amazing by the fact it's from a 2009 comic.

(To @iswyrm and other hardcore fans)

I stumbled across kickstarter.com/projects/cardb this afternoon, and although the artwork is pretty good, it surprises me that it has received US$1,000,000 already.

Dragon fans sure love their dragons indeed.

I've never understood why have so many rooms.

People in conference rooms just sit at very long dinner tables and listen for 7 hours to some guy (or sporadically some woman) who talk about how isometric retractable neo-cryptocharts will lead to 1.2% more stocks in stock cars.

Very major MLP G5 spoilers (as in, the movie ending is given away) 

It seems that the trailer version uploaded on 's main YouTube channel, gives away the entire ending of the .

We see the bringing magic back to the world, wings glowing, and everyone flying up in the air excitedly.

How do Hasbro keep doing these pre-rookie-level asset management mistakes every year since 2010?

Dandelion Top Tip for travels in rural parts of :

If you're on long journeys through Europe, incl by train, then there are still problems with getting signals in some places, notably in (but not in Norway).

If this is a concern, and you've got too much money, you can get a 2nd phone subscription (e.g. whichever one of Telenor or Telia you don't already have), use a true dual-SIM setup, and hope to get marginally more frequent signals. I never thought that far this year.

RAF_Luton (@RAF_Luton) のツイート, 8月10日 21:22 - Fact of the Day: The F16 will lay on its back and "play dead" when it feels under threat (often from bully F15s) or when baddie planes are likely to shoot at it. It returns to its normal operating position after a good belly rub from its pilot.

#AvGeek t.co/xs6AVpTGXS


be like "We are the ultimate paradise of heavenly godgiven , like , , and ", and I'm like "Y'all don't even have in your supermarkets".


I'm currently watching the bronze medal match at the , and I notice they are very clearly playing during rainfall. Then why are such cowards that they don't play during ?

The more I try to watch 101 Street, the more I realise that is the biggest simp among any protagonists of the past 110 years.

Almost every episode is about Dylan either trying to hit on a girl dog, or trying to join a "cool" guy dog group who turn out to be merciless skateboarding bikers.

Watching Djokovic vs Zverev at the , and for some reason it just zoomed in on the players' sweaty chests and necklaces. 😶


• Wanting to share my instance (with some 65 entries) with a pal on mastodon.uno.
• When using Mastodon's function, instance blocklists must be a .csv file.
• Mas.to doesn't accept .csv files as toot embeds.
• fml

For users who want to see EasyList take care of their big backlog of old user reports of sites, give many thumbs up to github.com/easylist/easylist/i

's "3-9" bonus channels in most of Europe, seem to be pretty messed up, especially commentary-wise.

So far I've seen broadcasts of theirs with:
• No .
• Commentary in the wrong language (e.g. Spanish when it's set to English).
• Two different language commentators at once.
• No sound whatsoever.

Critical correction for the toot I posted yesterday: Turns out Tor's relay search system was _not_ designed for routers' ability to set different external and internal ports in port forwarding.

Instead, the apparent solution that would've saved me 11 hours of effort, is to set ORPort as "Auto", run Tor once, see which port it binds to, stop Tor, set the ORPort to that port number, and run Tor again.

My Adventures™©©®™, episode 173:

For reasons beyond any comprehension and with zero documentation, will fail to bind ORPort to anything that isn't 9001, which makes the server's network very easy to target through . The desperate makeshift solution after 1½ hours, is:

ORPort 9001 NoAdvertise
ORPort 11583 NoListen IPv4Only
ORPort [2001:4652:5f5:0:c23d:2e00:b635:f61]:11587 NoListen IPv6Only

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