Did you know that you can paste the full URL of a toot into the search bar to interact with it? Can be useful if you e.g. find a toot on another instance or an alt account and want to interact with it.


I decided to spend the solar duration on a trip to a caféteria down the valley.

I can't say I ever noticed said solar eclipse (I was in a 40%-eclipse area, but there were only very few clouds), but I got real sweaty on the trip up from the valley again.

The Swedish Chef from the has had an interesting career over the years.

His Popcorn YT video brought YT closed captions into the public spotlight; He was the only major character to be spared by the embarrassment of Muppets Babies; and in Muppets Now's Norwegian dub he suddenly spoke .

So now that Flo Rida competed in , as the first superstar to be allowed to compete since t.A.t.U. in 2003:

Is there anything left preventing from saying "We'll send to 2022", or from saying "We will send David Guetta"?

Strange trivia about Asian television 

I learn weird things on Wikipedia sometimes.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign-on_ taught me that the allegedly has channels that are specifically dedicated to cockfighting.

I just have to wonder: Why on earth would they have that?

aka.ms/AAcnm5r (Shorthand link to a Feedback page)

Quoting from the page due to a probable lack of embed: «In the Calculator app, only the Scientific mode currently includes a stacked log of ongoing calculations, e.g. "14 + 12 + 46 : 3 • 2.8 - 7"; whereas in Standard mode, only the one recentmost calculation is shown. This is an odd distinction that should either be clarified better to users, or be changed so that both Standard and Scientific use the stacked log.»

♪ They see me Balan
They hatin'
Patrolling and tryin' to catch me flyin' dirty ♫

Watched the Norwegian broadcast of season 5 of Sweden's feelgood-ish reality show Böda Camping, which was recorded in June-July 2020.

Not a single person at the kept distance or had heard of masks, everyone shared beers and clubs, and there were and kisses.

On one hand, I'm genuinely jealous that lived such a normal life with normal activities.

On the other hand, I can see why 1-in-10 Swedes have been infected with as of May 2021. 😅

(@iswyrm) These Reddit timetable predictions for , aren't too far off from what Firefox is actually doing. 😄 i.redd.it/i3jdedupxvv61.png

It confounds me how movies from manage to pick such atrocious distributors in the US.

The movie (which is pretty good, keep in mind) was released in the US as "The Princess and the ", with the unicorn only showing up for 1min; whereas the CGI movie became "The Ice Princess", named for Tabaluga's love interest.

Apparently it even amused me so much that I mistook an S390x PC for a MIPS PC one... 😅

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The prospect of apps ported to , is amusing me.

"I will use my PC the size of a fridge and which cost me 100,000€, to play... ."

Broke: "Thanks to the new iOS app support in , I can now play on my Mac."

Soak: "I can now play Chinatown Wars on my Mac."

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