10 is the best OS ever, mostly by virtue of everything else being worse.

treats me like a baby who can't be trusted with anything.

-likes (e.g. Raspberry Pi OS) require 16 hours straight of googling for every tiny little problem, and requires remembering 3,000 commands by heart.

Windows 7 fails to ship with support for very critical things like PDF, ZIP, OGG, or ISO.

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@dandelionsprout You still don't try MX Linux, Ubuntu or Manjaro, maybe after you saw these you could claim such. :D

@iswyrm Manjaro is a Red Hat-like, IIRC, and is admittedly an OS category I haven't tried out yet and probably should (Not sure on which of my 3 PCs).

MX Linux I need to do more research on. Ubuntu I only remember from the "Mac taskbar on the left" era.

@dandelionsprout MX Linux seems only for X86; is full of utility for a lot of minute tasks, more than other distro I saw.
Manjaro is based on Arch but aimed to desktop users, you see a lot of utility and a ready-to-go enviroment; it shares for good and bad the same traits of Arch.
I think you could look for OpenSuse for the ARM version, and install XFCE or LXDE as desktop. It has an excellent configuration utility.

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