The prospect of apps ported to , is amusing me.

"I will use my PC the size of a fridge and which cost me 100,000€, to play... ."

Image 1: Cities with 2019-20 teams.
Image 2: Cities with confirmed teams.

A Super League with only 3 countries and 7 cities is a bloody bad joke. Try with ≥10 countries, and only then would I lend this idea my ear.

I can't say I expected Fate: A Saga to resurrect Conchata Ferrell from the dead so she could play Flora at the age of 77.

My dinner last night. Loaded with full-fat ground meat, , and gouda sauce.

The pre-Netflix shows and movies were pretty amazing. Never before in preschool history had intertwining plot writing (Most eps had 2 plots that joined together near the end) been used as successfully as that. Many of the characters were also really cute.

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