The community in a nutshell.

Made even more amazing by the fact it's from a 2009 comic.

(To @iswyrm and other hardcore fans)

I stumbled across this afternoon, and although the artwork is pretty good, it surprises me that it has received US$1,000,000 already.

Dragon fans sure love their dragons indeed.

Very major MLP G5 spoilers (as in, the movie ending is given away) 

It seems that the trailer version uploaded on 's main YouTube channel, gives away the entire ending of the .

We see the bringing magic back to the world, wings glowing, and everyone flying up in the air excitedly.

How do Hasbro keep doing these pre-rookie-level asset management mistakes every year since 2010?

Join , they said. It will be fun, they said.

8 months later: "I have blocked 57 instances in my so far."

The prospect of apps ported to , is amusing me.

"I will use my PC the size of a fridge and which cost me 100,000€, to play... ."

Image 1: Cities with 2019-20 teams.
Image 2: Cities with confirmed teams.

A Super League with only 3 countries and 7 cities is a bloody bad joke. Try with ≥10 countries, and only then would I lend this idea my ear.

I can't say I expected Fate: A Saga to resurrect Conchata Ferrell from the dead so she could play Flora at the age of 77.

My dinner last night. Loaded with full-fat ground meat, , and gouda sauce.

The pre-Netflix shows and movies were pretty amazing. Never before in preschool history had intertwining plot writing (Most eps had 2 plots that joined together near the end) been used as successfully as that. Many of the characters were also really cute.

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