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@iswyrm I've got inside information that AdGuard is planning a Linux version of its main program, but that they presume that its userbase would be too small for them to bother releasing it.

So although it's a closed-source program that rely on paid subscriptions, you're presumably welcome to ask your pals on Uno or Phoronix or wherever to speak out their support for it at , and/or

Since 2017, I've grown to despise how streaming services only ever care about (or even acknowledge) viewers in their early 20s, and how they almost solely make and market edgy drama/fantasy shows towards that audience. Even + seems to me to have few or no new cartoons on the horizon.

The only streaming service I've ever seen that take age 4-11 cartoons seriously, is .

Played some Raving Rabbids 2 on earlier tonight (High score tables only).

The online score table system in-game seemed a bit broken and could rarely agree with itself which place I was in, but other than that it was a fine opportunity to revisit one of the then-greatest games on the Wii ("Then" was back in 2007, after all; and RRR1 was more glitched than Cyberpunk).

I can't say I expected Fate: A Saga to resurrect Conchata Ferrell from the dead so she could play Flora at the age of 77.

One fun activity to relish in during , is what I call the Battle Royale: Which countries are the last ones where IKEA remains open during international waves?

The spring 2020 season had , Sweden and Finland as joint winners. The autumn 2020 season could get down to ~10 stubborn countries, as well as New Zealand who'd win virtually by default.

Wales was the first to fall this autumn, and even Denmark has lost as well.

10 is the best OS ever, mostly by virtue of everything else being worse.

treats me like a baby who can't be trusted with anything.

-likes (e.g. Raspberry Pi OS) require 16 hours straight of googling for every tiny little problem, and requires remembering 3,000 commands by heart.

Windows 7 fails to ship with support for very critical things like PDF, ZIP, OGG, or ISO.

My dinner last night. Loaded with full-fat ground meat, , and gouda sauce.

What do you call a bee that lives in America?


@iswyrm And to probably no one's surprise, the toot wasn't even embedded correctly.

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Okay, now it seems to have loaded properly into again.

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So the previous post was simply a (sadly unsourced) drawing of that one elf from Wakfu, and which seems to have been mistagged and is actually SFW.

But since Busshi's backend seems to be pretty bad and is throwing 429 errors at me, you'll either have to take my word for it or visit the original post.

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