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Watched the Norwegian broadcast of season 5 of Sweden's feelgood-ish reality show Böda Camping, which was recorded in June-July 2020.

Not a single person at the kept distance or had heard of masks, everyone shared beers and clubs, and there were and kisses.

On one hand, I'm genuinely jealous that lived such a normal life with normal activities.

On the other hand, I can see why 1-in-10 Swedes have been infected with as of May 2021. 😅

(@iswyrm) These Reddit timetable predictions for , aren't too far off from what Firefox is actually doing. 😄

It confounds me how movies from manage to pick such atrocious distributors in the US.

The movie (which is pretty good, keep in mind) was released in the US as "The Princess and the ", with the unicorn only showing up for 1min; whereas the CGI movie became "The Ice Princess", named for Tabaluga's love interest.

Apparently it even amused me so much that I mistook an S390x PC for a MIPS PC one... 😅

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The prospect of apps ported to , is amusing me.

"I will use my PC the size of a fridge and which cost me 100,000€, to play... ."

Broke: "Thanks to the new iOS app support in , I can now play on my Mac."

Soak: "I can now play Chinatown Wars on my Mac."

"In the period following his imprisonment, Bordiga began to consume copious amounts of lasagna, a habit that would culminate in a series of strokes leading to his death in 1970."

- WIkipedia, Amadeo Bordiga

for residents of , :

For those very boring humans who just sit in the chair area near the wavepool in Pirbadet, they can save 190,- (20€) by sitting in the spectator stand next to the grillshack's indoor tables instead.

Image 1: Cities with 2019-20 teams.
Image 2: Cities with confirmed teams.

A Super League with only 3 countries and 7 cities is a bloody bad joke. Try with ≥10 countries, and only then would I lend this idea my ear.

is far easier to learn than people think. Compared to :
• 10 outs per inning. 1 or 2 innings per match.
• 2 people are at bat at the same time. If they score 1 or 3 runs on a hit, they switch who will hit.
• There are 2 bases. A majority of runs are scored by running back and forth between them.
• Score notation is "runs/outs", e.g. 293/8.
• The ball is not thrown normally, but is supposed to be slung with a mostly loose arm.

Fun fact: Chinese checkers was actually invented in .

Fights between instances, Miiverse 

So over the past 16 hours, Mastodon has apparently collapsed to the point where different socio-anarchist-esque instances are in gang wars with each other.

This is all over again.

(Japanese, Italian and ROC instances seem completely unaffected by this, which was also the case for Miiverse; as Miiverse's problems were almost entirely limited to its NA boards.)

The instant-meal brand Leguerme (seemingly from ) is now available in some Norwegian towns. They have two types of bags, one for Borlotti beans, and one for pasta. They look the same at first glance.

The pasta bag is supposed to be heated in the microwave, and succeeds at it.

The Borlotti bag claims it can be consumed "heated or not". If heated in the , it will CATCH FIRE after 20sec.

I was lucky to still have a functional microwave after spotting it quickly enough.

Considering the extreme ease with which yesternight's accusations against of power abuse could be (and has been!) disproved, it was a pretty bad idea for him to take a break on Friday night (though he had garage band practice that day), and for the Vinesauce Discord server to aggressively prohibit any discussion about the topic.

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