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Quasi-sexual life advice and life hack 

For those who are into latex or being glanced at, there is one reliable option to utilise such fetishes in public without anyone staring real mean at you:

Join a triathlon club (or at least pretend to be a triathlete if anyone ask). That way you can get a super-soft triathlon wetsuit, and walk around in it in public during summer if you're near some water.

Most people won't think you're a Pride marcher either. Unless you want to be such, of course.

Turns out that in order to get the service to run on boot in , I had to disable both the systemd-timesyncd _and_ chronyd services.

Took me a solid 3 hours to figure out. is NOT for those with busy daytime jobs and afterwork sports teams.

Turns out the trick from works after all. A massive game changer when it comes to retooting from all those darned Pleroma instances.

The time it takes to set up static IPs on various hardware and OSs:

Nintendo Switch: 25sec
Windows 10: 3min
Android: 6min
Raspberry Pi OS: 2½ hours

Being a / , as well as avoiding pork, coffee, most seafood, and mushrooms for tastebud reasons, tends to cause me problems with many online , especially Italian and French ones. Here's the substitutes I use:

• Wine → Red grape juice or apple juice
• Whiskey → Maple syrup
• Espresso (in e.g. tiramisù) → De-fizzled
• Haddock (in kedgeree) → Nordic-style fishballs
• Ground meat from pork → Ground meat from cattle
• Salmon fillet → Chicken fillet

And now this guy... 😅
And he's not sure why he drives around like this. Cops says they see a lot of weird stuff but this kind of takes the cake. #silly 😂

#news #norway #nrk

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List of practitioner clinics (Legesenter) in , known to offer the :

Hallset Legesenter
Ringve Legesenter

Aleris Solsiden
Bryggen Legesenter
Dalgård Legesenter
Edda Legesenter
Gildheim Legesenter
Hallset Legesenter
Heimdal Medisinske Senter
Kalvskinnet Legesenter
Moholt Legesenter
Ranheim Legesenter
Sjøsiden Legesenter
Volvat Trondheim

I decided to spend the solar duration on a trip to a caféteria down the valley.

I can't say I ever noticed said solar eclipse (I was in a 40%-eclipse area, but there were only very few clouds), but I got real sweaty on the trip up from the valley again.

The Swedish Chef from the has had an interesting career over the years.

His Popcorn YT video brought YT closed captions into the public spotlight; He was the only major character to be spared by the embarrassment of Muppets Babies; and in Muppets Now's Norwegian dub he suddenly spoke .

So now that Flo Rida competed in , as the first superstar to be allowed to compete since t.A.t.U. in 2003:

Is there anything left preventing from saying "We'll send to 2022", or from saying "We will send David Guetta"?

Strange trivia about Asian television 

I learn weird things on Wikipedia sometimes. taught me that the allegedly has channels that are specifically dedicated to cockfighting.

I just have to wonder: Why on earth would they have that? (Shorthand link to a Feedback page)

Quoting from the page due to a probable lack of embed: «In the Calculator app, only the Scientific mode currently includes a stacked log of ongoing calculations, e.g. "14 + 12 + 46 : 3 • 2.8 - 7"; whereas in Standard mode, only the one recentmost calculation is shown. This is an odd distinction that should either be clarified better to users, or be changed so that both Standard and Scientific use the stacked log.»

♪ They see me Balan
They hatin'
Patrolling and tryin' to catch me flyin' dirty ♫

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