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well the supreme court just decided that government agencies can't actually do anything so that's awesome. lmao

Western culture took the notion of "individuality" and mutated it into deeply-entrenched selfishness. The United States in particular has taken this to its extreme, creating a system that teaches, encourages, and rewards selfishness above every other ideal. The U.S. loudly touts pseudo-Christian ideals, using this distractive propaganda to deflect from its worship of selfishness.

It's like I always can only do what you can do. And sometimes, what's done is already done. So when what you can do is done, and that's all that you can do, you can't redo what's already done, so you just have to do the best you can.

planned to make some cookies but i'm out of flour and eggs and sugar and i don't have a bowl or an oven or a house

"they seem well-insulated against the inconvenience of common sense"

Social media has made everyone a "performer." You can't just say something, you have to punch it up to get views. Trouble is, no one is really a skilled performer, so it's all awkward forced titillation for the sake of attention. Oh, the humanity.

The concept of a moral score that U carry beyond this life (i.e. karma & in ) isn't so different from what Abrahamic religions teach, is it? If a god decides punishment/reward based on your actions, that seems like merely assigning a named identity to the mechanism that Hinduism considers inherent in the basic structure of the universe. I also don't know enough about Hindiusm for this to really be an educated thought, so probably disregard this post.

I feel overwhelmed by options. There is a such thing as too few options...but there is also a such thing as too many options.

So, I have Signal, Telegram, FB Messenger, Whatsapp (why isn't this integrated with FB Messenger yet?!), and email. Too many networks, when one would do. And it's easy to demonstrate how some are simply superior to others...yet that's not enough to eliminate the others. So many options means we are "forced" to use inferior products. (Yes, I know we're not really forced to use these, but you see my point.)

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