fediblock - zoophile/MAP bullshit 

been doing some light snooping of that instance to see if i notice anyone familiar interacting with it and found a post from the admin listing instances they promote or consider aligned/friendly

consider suspending, if you haven't already


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Zoophile/MAP Instance - Block & Takedown/Technical Info 

zetamu.club is a zoophile & MAP instance that came online today. Strongly recommend defederation

Complaints can be sent to
Domain Registrar: twitter.com/getDotClub
Cloudflare: cloudflare.com/trust-hub/abuse
DigitalOcean: digitalocean.com/company/conta

Can be user agent blocked with the domain in NGINX or Cloudflare WAF

They appear to be self-hosting on a DigitalOcean droplet with no CDN, leaked IP:

Have fun!

my first "song" with 5/4 and 3/4 (also a nice travel through the circle of fifths)

Mastodon is mainly made out of:
- Linux users
- Furry yiffers
- Artists
- Linux users
- Politics
- S H I T P O S T

Twitter makes me want to remove myself from reality

most of the stuff on this song is samples, if someone wants the chords, they are:
Cmaj7 (x2) - Amin7 - Fmin7

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sorry if i havent posted anything :(

I think i will leave this place for a month, this is getting too political and that shit, uhhh, my birthday is tomorrow (june 4) if anyone cares.

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