The problem is that all this beautiful heavenish place will be filled with twitter toxicity :(

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@nemo It will be filled with SJWs, Offensive 😳 and 😎 edgy 🤗 memes, Stans, Excessive furries, etcetera

@darltrash @nemo we need to keep twitter alive if we dont want them here

@Maznivu @darltrash hahahahahh true so true but lets face i dont think that most of them even know what mastodon is, The Mark is doing a pretty swell job there

@nemo @darltrash i dont want to act like an extremist nut job but maybe we can make a server purely for users that were here before all the shitty users arrive

@Maznivu @darltrash i'm really very new on this platform, maybe you can contact them via this? ??

@jeff @darltrash Haha yeah just watch who you follow a lil carefully, don't look at TWKN timeline and you'll be fine

@darltrash That my biggest worry with Mastodon, if Twitters Toxicity ends up coming here, it would just turn Mastodon into Twitter 2.0

@petefeltman Well, there is people changing to mastodon because of trump

@petefeltman The thing is that trump posted something and the twitter fact checking algorythms said he was wrong, so trump got mad and he will probably close twitter :/

@darltrash yes, I have my Mastodon account few minutes ago and I really love the concept

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