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It's foolish in the extreme to think that Dems will automatically do the right thing simply because they have a (D) next to their names. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom and all that.

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It's 2032 EDT, and Donald Trump is still a stumbling cluster**** of a miserable failure.

Good morning! Was away for a couple of days ... Trump is still a stumbling clusterfuck of a miserable failure, tho.

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The Fediverse is an interesting opportunity to feel like your use of the internet is incredibly niche and geeky again. It's quite nostalgic, honestly!

In today's instance of "Dear God, What A Terrible Idea" ...

'Dirty Dancing' is getting a sequel

Good morning, everybody!
Another day, another 37¢ after taxes. 🤣

I'm just not cut out to be a cult follower ... it's just not happening. 😎


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At least 137 people have been killed and 5,000 injured by Tueday's blast in Beirut

Many in the city, like doctor Charbel Matar, are still in shock

#NRA suit, uspol 

Best guess: it's about 95% political posturing likely to go absolutely nowhere.

That said, I would shed exactly zero tears should the be forced to close its metaphorical doors. Not so much because of the "pro-2A" stuff, but because of the whole "laundering Russian money for use as political contributions" thing.

Well, you can't have everything ... and if you could, where would you put it? :blobcat:

Good morning, !

It's time for more fun and excitement!

I have my doubts about the Constitutionality of many if not most "executive orders" issued in the last 100 years or so. They have been abused by presidents both Dem and GOP, and have in large measure allowed a great expansion of executive power (for which we are paying a high price now).

... and I insist that the US president is a credulous dimwit "virtually immune" from having a coherent thought.

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Trump insists children 'virtually immune' from coronavirus as he pushes school re-openings - The Independent

Harsh, but not entirely inaccurate.

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Any working Joe who actually thinks that any politician gives the smallest portion of a damn about them is engaging in wishful thinking. Which is why the pressure shouldn't stop after the election. Don't let ANY elected office become a sinecure ... I'm fully aware this won't be a popular take. I'm Sinestro. I don't care.

Good morning, to all the fine, freaky, and fabulous personalities on the !

We've made it to mid-week. That's gotta count for SOMETHING! :blobcat:

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Trump is like Lex Luthor with a severe head injury.

How can anybody be shocked by Trump's level of incompetence at this point?

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**‘You can’t do that!’: The worst part of Trump’s disastrous Axios interview**

"A new interview of President Donald Trump with Axios’ Jonathan Swan garnered much attention and acclaim for the reporter on Tuesday, with many stunned at the level of ignorance, incompetence,…"

Ability to even: Gone.
Likelihood of it coming back: Virtually zero.


RT @rozina - thinking about getting a fuckton of usb sticks, putting linux onto them, and dropping them in public

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