@JasonDeneb It's a weird time right now with grammar. If your dyslexic or if you be a new learner to English, it would make learning a lot more complicated. I'm dyslexic and I think it is puzzling, but it's a long list of many things that are puzzling in life.

@artilectzed Hi Zed, must be an interesting city, Salt Lake City. And I did hear that the nature is wonderful. Later Dave

@rajabi Sorry I spelled your name with an "O" rather than an "U".

@rajabi Hi Mohammed, what part of the planet do you live on? Happy belated new year! Later Dave

@jimdonegan Your government in Scotland I heard did a good job with Covid. Have a week coming up.

@jimdonegan Hi Jim. Good to meet you here. Heard that Covid is starting to wain in parts of the UK, not sure of how things are in Scotland? Hope things will get better soon there. Later Dave

@alrs I have a few relatives in LA, but I haven't been there since I was 10 or 12 or so. Enjoyed it there and the other places, I visited with my parents and sister.

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@JerseySlide I have some family in NJ. Happy new year! Dave

@alrs Good meetimg here Lars. Love bike riding as well and I like gymnastics as well. Take care, Dave

@sohkamyung Wow, I'm sure the wildlife in Singapore is lovely.

@farbod Whoops, sorry I made a typo. Should have wrote your family and friends. Dyslexic spelling error.

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@farbod Hi Farbod,

Happy new year, to you, and your family and friends. Are you out of Iran? Hope things are good with you. Later Dave

@thor Hey Guy from Norway, happy new year to you and your family and friends. We have a grey day, here in Toronto. Later Dave

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