@jimdonegan Hi Jim. Good to meet you here. Heard that Covid is starting to wain in parts of the UK, not sure of how things are in Scotland? Hope things will get better soon there. Later Dave


Hi there. Things are about the same overall in Scotland as in England but I did just hear that one Scottish district (Lanarkshire) is shutting down the GP service for a period of time due to high demand. Emergencies only unless you need hospitalised due to Covid. That's worrying. But I do expect things to settle down in a few weeks.

@jimdonegan Yes, hopefully this variant Omacron, is it for now. There is a new type vaccine that has many benefits that might be out fairly soon. That's good news. Heard there could be another variant, with Delta and Omacron, called Deltacron, but hopefully that isn't a warranted fear. All the best. Loved Glasgow, Edinburgh was lovely as well but more uptight then of Glasgow. Dave

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