@mgrondin Hope your photo shoot went well.

@daveshuken it went ok I think. Still new to film photography. I suppose I should qualify that by adding manual photography since I've been taking pics on my phone and misc digital cameras and point and shoot film cameras over the years.

So I'm very excited to see the results. I'll be bringing the film in tomorrow and should take a couple days to get it back. Hopefully what my eye saw and what my camera saw is pretty close. I'll be posting some of the results for sure. Good or bad.

@mgrondin Hi Marc, if you can change the ISO/ASA same thing, asa means the American Standards Association, if you can change the ISO, that change change the look of the tonal scale in BW, colour negative or chrome film. If you do long exposures in low light, you will see colour shift. You will have a lot of fun, but it can be annoying at times film photography. Just as a heads up. If you have any questions that I can try to answer, I'll do so.

@daveshuken Thanks. I'm having fun so far. Some results. Most of the color are on Kodak gold ISO200 the B&W are on Ilford HP5 plus ISO400.

Most of these are taken on my New(to me) primary camera. A Pentax Program Plus. The one of the leaf in the snow was taken on my old camera a Vivitar PZ3140

I have taken many more shots than these(about 370 since Nov 2021). Most are random family snap shots. I've not ventured outside often but I will once it warms up.

I'm enjoying film. It's a whole different experience. I doubt I'll make the jump to fancy DSLR's. I think I'll stick to film or my phone.

@mgrondin Hi Marc, try opening up to 160 ISO with the Kodak Gold 200, see if it makes a difference to the photos with your camera and light meter. Some times you can push black and white film and it gets more contrast and some films look great at that with certain subject matters. I usually pull BW film, it changes with the film stock of course. HP5, try it at 320, 200 and at 640 on another roll.

@mgrondin Like the work and your portrait of the bearded guy.

@daveshuken that bearded guy is me. I got somewhat lucky with that one I feel.

It was taken at work. I have a rising monitor stand/keyboard tray so I used that as a tripod of sorts for the camera. I sat in my chair and focused on the tray where I was going to place the camera. I put the camera on the focused spot and set the timer. It turned out better than expected.

@mgrondin Hi Marc, I thought that was you but I wasn't quite sure. I do that too, sometimes you don't always have a tripod when you need one.

@mgrondin The non-bird house bird looking house is interesting too. Got to get some rest now.

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