More photos from Erskine Avenue. Shot with a Blad, 501c with a wide-angle lens 50mm/f3.5 floating lens element for the square shots in 6x6 with Ilford Pan F 50 ISO film and for the 6x7 shots at done with a Fuji GF670 with Portra 160 at 100.

And a building on Erskine Avenue in Toronto, Ontario Canada that is going to be a condominium or a fancy rental building.

Frozen lake, in Barrie, Ontario. Shot 6x7 with a Fuji GF670 in Portra 400 and exposed at 200 ISO. I remembered the exposure at 1/500 at F16 since it was sunny on the ice and snow.

Art Gallery of Ontario online show and this electronic slideshow of sorts, video presentation thing. It's a plus, not sure how long it's up for?

New postcard for my show in May 17th to June 5th, in Toronto.

Have my bike photos up at this bike repair shop and cafe, called Fixcb cafe in Toronto, for 2 months till the first week of May. Here's some photos from my cell.

Black Lives Matter. And so do black olives matter, since they are delicious. Later everybody. Happy Black History month.

Having an art show, a group show for a 3 week run May 17th to June 5, called the Spectra show from Gallery 44, at Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON CA M6J 2W5. "Outer/Inner Space, Whitewashed Glass series.

Weird water marks in a parking lot in North York, Ontario.

A photo, that I call Champion of Champion, on Mt. Pleasant Road. Shot in Toronto, with a Nikon AF35 camera. Not sure of the film stock.

Some new work. Colour negative infrared and chrome, called Autochrome film, of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. First two on chrome positive film, the other 2 in negative CIR film.

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