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@madelinececelia8 Hello Madeline. Happy new year to you and your family and friends.

@JonathanMBR Hi Jonathan, thanks for your postings. Like learning more about Africa, when I can. There is a good UK based African News magazine, I'll look it up later. Happy new year, coming up. Dave

@bantorture Thanks for postings. Happy new year coming up. Dave

@emart Hi Eric, good to meet you here. You seem to have interesting out look about computers etc..

@SuricrasiaOnline Whoops, Mori, that is. Called you by your other name.

@SuricrasiaOnline Hey Suricrasia. Are you an animator? I love cartoons. I wrote some short stories with cartoons and some with puppets. Maybe in the future we can work together, after Covid in in the back window that is.

@moondeer Hey Moondeer, Happy holidays in Georgia. Later Dave

@trevdev Hey Trev, what city are you out of? I'm pretty new on here. Later Dave

@swansinflight Hey Swans in Flight, hope things are good in NZ. Later Dave

@tomone_hiya I guess you in Japan? Have a good day there.

Weird water marks in a parking lot in North York, Ontario.

@hankg Good to meet you here, Hank. Have a good weekend! Later Dave

@neil A few years ago when I was visiting Scotland, I did a set at this place called Tahiti Tikka Bar in Edinburg, I think it was around 7 mins or 5 mins the set? Had a good set. Edinburgh was pretty and they have some great museums, some I wish I would have seen like the Photography museum there. I'll visit again. But Glasgow, the people are so warm and full of life and it's a great city overall! Great museums as well. Was there for only 3 or so days in Glasgow.

@maupao Hello, My Italian is now just food words. I forgot most of what I learned when I was there back in 2003. Have good rest of the week. Later Dave

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