The way your mum was moping around the house since Dad left, led you and your sister to do something to cheer her up.

You asked your teacher, Mr Benson, if he'd come round and screw your mum. He said he'd only do so if he could fuck you and your sister as well. Well, how could you refuse?

You sister's first adult party. It was a shame her glass was drugged and she was turned into the party's cumslut.

You were informed the next week at school about what a lovely pussy your 18yo sister had.

Shenice was a prostitute. Every now and again she would get a john who would fuck her too brutally, little did she know this one would never let her escape as well.

It's hard to imagine that this little slave was once a chemical engineer. This is all thanks to the wonderful world of slut domestication. Enroll your females now!

Despite all the money she had, Elizabeth always wanted one thing. A fuck buddy. But her posh parents wouldn't allow her to bring anyone round.

Her chauffeur was a different manner, he would demand she spread her legs on the bumper of her fancy car. Then he would watch as his mates fucked the little, spoilt brat.

Ann was your typical slutty schoolgirl. She constantly flirted with the teachers which caused most of them to blush and lose their train of thought.

But not Mr Benson, he bent the whore over the desk and slammed her pussy in front of her classmates. When he had finished in her fertile cunt he opened her up to the rest of the class.

As you barged into your daughter's room you saw she was masturbating for the pleasure of creepy guys on the internet.

You decided to give them a real show and punish your whore daughter at the same time.

It was 7 o'clock now, your boyfriend was meant to fucking your brains out. Instead you had your fist halfway inside his younger sister's virgin cunt.

You had always wanted a younger girl to play with.

Roommates synchronised perfectly.

Jean didn't have a dildo whereas Cheryl did. As Cheryl wanted to make friends, she agreed to lend it to Jean- she even agreed to show her how to use it.

Your daughter, Julie, has a boyfriend who recently went to work in Germany for a year.

She is always skyping him with the door to her bedroom locked shut. I wonder what they're talking about?

You bought two slaves at the Annual Fuckmeat Sale in Ipswich.

The first thing you taught them was how to clean a car. Next you taught them how to have an anal orgasm.

You had told your innocent, virgin girlfriend countless times not to go home via Skelton Road.

She never listened now she's being brutally used against her will by a group of thugs.

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