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Ok so i Will like to say why u made this account: the reason is becuse one day i was bored of twitter (wich i cant use now becuse it wants my phone number) so i shearched ”websites that are like twitter” becuse i wanted to use twitter so that was my only option i then found this website and Said ”hmmm that looks interesting” i then was redirected to the sign up page and made this account so yeah i guess thats all 😘

Building an artificial sun that looks unbelievably realistic - DIY Perks

Eye contact, Cyberpunk, cleavage 

Behold! My cyberpunk novel's commission!

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover for "Pandora Downloaded"!

Congrats to Matt Zeilinger for the hard work.

#amWriting #PandoraDownloaded

Danny Devito, wearing a floofy white wig, says that agony and instance drama are bullshit. He then proclaims that he loves lynne.

smh u only get the extra life if u wanna be shark :blobcat:

you're gay that she only got 64-bit processors in 2003
so for an entire horse with great gusto and enthusiasm, thank u hoodie! u gave me the internet, i do not why would you like girls? :blobcatcoffee:. i read that on the internet.

@deviousdiesel i have tried it. i made cafe latte with it once after borrowing a bit from the web designers at work, and it tasted different but interesting. not sold in every grocery store though. much easier to find lactose free milk.

0_0 wow thats the biggest shit ive ever had in the toilet

@deviousdiesel honey smacks is a kellogg's cereal so that's surprising
@deviousdiesel main cereals for me are some combo of cornflakes or special k, rice or oat puffs, muesli, etc. with age, i find that i don't need a ton of sugar in my cereal. it helps that i use whole milk. it's a bit sweeter.

#epic there is a completely pointless restriction anyway so i would

@deviousdiesel oh, i tend to stay away from the sugary stuff for the most part. i already get enough sugar as it is. sometimes i'll treat myself to honey smacks though.
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