#Bard - a typical wandering tavern bard, doubtless singing songs of melancholy beauty. A paint up of a sketch from a few posts back.
I was particularly pleased with the bag & the shoe, & I liked the colours. Originally designed for a full colour WIP card game (I recall he was named Amos Witt), he now just turns up in sketch form (I still prefer my original #drawing) in my #WeirdDeckOfManyWyrds...

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CW: Mutated parasitic alien consuming a powered armor soldier (color illustration) 

Oh man I need art like this so bad. A creature that takes over the armored body of a soldier…but maybe for weird fantasy? Or stick with space horror?

This work is inspired by StarCraft, which I’ve never played.

Source: deviantart.com/mr--jack/art/In

@friendlyghost I like this way of breaking out the activities of a #ttrpg and framing them as subgames: it reminds me that as many as possible of a game's preparatory activities should present opportunities for fun on their own.

It's looking like I am going to be running some more . I just managed to get a hard copy of their horror toolkit. The book has some tremendous ideas for inspiration.

I've already got several ideas. I'll start w/
When the adults go to sleep an unseen force possesses them. The increasingly tired children in town must solve the case before they become the next Buckley 3 (3 children murdered by their parents in what was thought to be a perfect family).

Some shots from the whopping 1 game I was able to get in today. I was successful in pushing my opponent into their deployment zone and bullying them while free to hold objectives. Probably would have won, but had to call the game early due to a painting workshop I forgot was today.

Most importantly, the Sisters of Silence survived for once! Huzzah! 😁

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"The Bridge to Jhator" - The cover image to my #homebrew #DnD5e intro adventure that I ran for my players last year... Set high in snow covered mountains, in a settlement at the feet of an ancient temple, all thought long abandoned.
The adventure which wound up after around 13 sessions was called "Cold Comfort".
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Apple should really be reconsidering any Texas campus

I finally got around to playing D&D 5e. Not a fan of the mechanics at all. Had a great time role playing as I always do. The mechanics are just well short of systems like FATE and Genesys. Balancing feels very poorly done.

The one positive is that it is a touch more streamlined than previous iterations. Skill system is vastly improved.

I just wonder if D&D wins because it's the legacy book or if something isn't clicking in my head.

@genesisoflegend sadly what I miss about G+ is the structure that was built into it. The circles, full blocking ability and being able to section things off. I doubt if we ever get a social network that was that good again.

But until then this is looking pretty nice now that there are some more folks here.

Okay, so lots of people were interested in my #ttrpg game (in development), Circlepunk. It's an Occult, Pagan, #cyberpunk pen and paper RPG.

Here are some of the factions. Notes on what they are in the alt text.

The game has Origin and Career in the same way as other games have Race and Class.

(Career is a lot looser than Class)

These are some of the Origin groups:

My wife, Sarah, and I are listening to #TheHobbit on audiobook (we just finished #TheSilmarillion, it's been fun listening together, pausing it and talking about the books together)...Anyway, here's a couple of renderings of #Mithrandir, with and without his hat (from a while back). #Tharkun #Icanus #Olorin #LOTR #LordOfTheRings #Tolkien #FanArt
I also make #comics & #ttrpgArt, #art #DnD5e #ttrpg

Adeptus Mechanicus Serberys Raider

One of my absolute favorite models in the AdMech line (quite possibly in all of 40k!) is the Serberys Raider. The sculpt and concept really drive home the vibe of desertpunk aesthetic in a martian wasteland that drew me to AdMech in the first place. While not shown here, the muted grey and silver go extremely well with Mars colored basing.

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Woohoo 200 followers, thank you tooters!

Here's a thing I painted for my D'n'd class' shield-assignment:

Disapproving Shield

A shield that judges and attacks the opponents self-esteem - because seriously, what ARE they wearing? Shield comes with helpful notes of things one could say to the enemy to increase the effect.

#MastoArt #art #shield #fantasy #dungeonsanddragons

It looks like Jimmy G and Baker are staying put for a while longer.

Every time someone boosts my toots I get a little endorphin rush.

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