I finally got around to playing D&D 5e. Not a fan of the mechanics at all. Had a great time role playing as I always do. The mechanics are just well short of systems like FATE and Genesys. Balancing feels very poorly done.

The one positive is that it is a touch more streamlined than previous iterations. Skill system is vastly improved.

I just wonder if D&D wins because it's the legacy book or if something isn't clicking in my head.


What are your favorite parts of past iterations of D&D or D&D-likes?

@Judd I started on 2e. It was my starting point in the hobby. I eventually moved to 3.5/Pathfinder then to Mutants and Masterminds.

After M&M I discover Unisys (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) and it was an absolute revelation to me for RPGs being deeper than dungeoneering, xp grinds, and min max character building. I branched out from there (Hillfolk, Savage, FATE, Genesys, aSoIaF etc).

I loved D&D as a gateway into the hobby, but my favorite parts were the parts off of their stat sheets.

@Judd as for my favorite parts of the systems I like.

I like integrating narrative into the mechanics. Fail forwards, succeed backwards etc. I like players having a stake in Gamemastery (scene edits).

Mechanically, I love popcorn initiative because it keeps group interactivity high. I also love exploding damage because players tend to interact better with their environment due to every NPC being a threat at any level.

I dislike HP. I prefer wound systems. That centers damage in the narration


I have no dog in this kennel; I'm not a D&D purist by ANY means.

It sounds like you like your houserules but don't really like D&D rules very much across editions. Is that fair?

Again, just trying to communicate, not call you out.

@Judd I don't necessarily view them as house rules. The things I liked were the rules in the games I learned about them in. My answer was more of a general answer about what I like in the broader scope of the hobby.

My experience with D&D is the pit of my experience in the hobby. I'm not trying to slag off the game. I just think it is not a good fit for how I play. I can GM it, but I prefer not to because it feels more like an anchor than a sail.


I totally hear you.

I'm running 5e for friends on Thursdays and it can be vexing.

@Judd even if it's vexing at times, there isn't an RPG you can't have fun with if you're with the correct people. Cheers to a great game mate.

@dexterdunbar Well there are a couple of reasons:

1. It's the game that started all
2. No other RPG will ever be as big as DnD.
3. You only get to play and know other RPGs after you got a few years in the hobby (not always)

But it's always good to try new things, so I'm glad that you have the chance to try it out, even if it's not what you usually enjoy.

@Rolepersecond I branched out pretty early. I agree with points 1 and 2. Point 3 not so much. I've ran several games in various systems for numerous newcomers or people that had a terrible first RPG experience (D&D)

I think D&D is a hindrance to many would be players because it's complicated and has a narrow scope. I like to meet people at their interests. If you like 1980s teen drama then I'll run that. One of the now GMs I introduced to the hobby didn't know it intersected with her interests.

@dexterdunbar Hey! That's such a nice way to see the hobby and the new comers 👌

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