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Hi guys! Proper introduction, I kind of fluffed it yesterday! I'm Emily and I am an illustrator based in the UK. I work mainly in watercolour and have created several books. I'm working on my third Strangehollow book (my own IP) at the moment which will be launching on Kickstarter this summer. You can find all my links above! #introduction #MastoArt #Watercolour #Watercolor #Strangehollow

Hello there, I'm new around here so it's time for an #introduction ! :)

I'm Patricia, a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Germany. I especially love doing character-centric illustrations and do work for tabletop, board + video games, and other projects!💕

Nice to meet you all! 👋
[email protected]

WIP! Plugging away at this one, the stained glass is proving to be a challenge...

#MastoArt #WIP #goth


I liked the lighting on this still of Our Flag Means Death, so I thought I'd draw it. Also I don't know how cautious I need to be content warnings, so I put one on just to be safe! #OurFlagMeansDeath #MastoArt #fanart

Here is a painting I made of one of my NPCs from one of the campaigns I run. Her name is Tayla and her rat familiar is named Wisp.

My RPG players have their sheets ready. Prohibition wars with a supernatural twist. Let's go!

Hobbies are tabletop gaming, Nintendo, PC gaming, sports (Cavs, 49ers, Crew, Blue Jackets, the Ohio State University Buckeyes), and stand up comedy.

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