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murrit genderisms compilation from the past 2 months. WHY DO I DRAW HER SO MUCH this is fucking unreal

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radioactive isotopes when they decay to half their lifespan idk i never played the game

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i think im finally done with this ref sheet. whew

an au i made a few weeks ago where murrit doesnt leave the dead shufflers and dismas is a private investigator trying to catch em, only he gets caught first; instead of killing him entirely murrit makes him a deal that involves dismas joining their side and helping em find a certain someone (mimesis) theyve been looking for. real good enemies to lovers slowburn and some fake dating too. i was gonna write something with this but i lost motivation

i remembered i had shaders installed last night so i took screencaps of my currently ongoing homes on two different servers

if i drink enough apply juice i can gain enough momentum to backwards longjump into kinning d*ve str*der

chelle voice that lives in my head and says "trank"

au where murrit doesnt leave the dead shufflers and it goes exactly like this

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