Ye JNU ko Assam mein shift kar do, Na modi ji na hi BJP ke log ko ghusne ki himmat kar payenge.

Modi ji, kisi ko bhains ko bachcha ho jaye to pooch jaate hain TV pe 'Mitroooon' bolne aur khud ke start kiye Khelo India inaugrate karne ki himmat nahi hai vo bhi apni hi party ke ruled state mein.

Fir ye baat karte hain national security ki.


The same society will not compare your performance with even one child, but will vote a bigot to power twice because he compares our country with Pakistan anytime he is facing a difficult question.

Mammi : Ye tumhare marks kam hain.
Me :Pados wale sunny ke bhi kam hain.

Mummy : Tum class trip par nahi jaoge. Padhai to karte nahi ho.
Me : Sunny bhi nahi karta, vo to ja raha hai.

Mummy : Fees waste ho rahi hamari tumhare oopar.
Me : Sunny ke parents ki bhi to ho rahi hai. Vo to kuch nahi bol rahe.

Common outcome of all above situations was a झापड़ I will never forget.

कथनी : समय के साथ आदमी बदल जाता है।
Definition :

BJP during Kashmir : One nation one law.

BJP during North East and Citizenship Bill Amendment : Reasonable classification is required in our nation. And everyone get in line to get a permission before entering Manipur.

BJP on odd days : This country has a massive problems because of population.

BJP on even days : All non muslims from other countries are welcome. We have ample space for you.

Basic fact, BJP is scared that their core Hindu voter bank is losing faith and interest in their policies and results of the policies deployed in the last 6 years.

Which is a nice feeling.

For the first time, citizenship in our country has been associated with religion.

Which countries were created on basis of religion? Pakistan and Bangladesh. And we most probably hate them.

What is the procedure to simultaneously hate a country which is based on religion and love another country that is now based on religion?

Asking for a friend.

Finance minister doesn't care about onions.
Another minister doesn't care about GDP.
Prime minister doesn't speak about safety of women, economy, unemployment, communal divide.

Hopefully marijuana legalization is coming soon, high volume trials of some good stuff already going on in the parliament it seems.

Part 6/6
Proving BJP is not corrupt and is law abiding by forcing SBI to accept 10 Crore rupees worth of expired electoral bonds right before Karnataka 2018 elections.

Part 5/6
Govt not only lied in parliyament but also to the donors about the secrecy and intractability of the bonds.
There are inbuilt serial numbers that SBI tracks and if they can open illegal windows for sale of bonds under pressure from PMO, they can also reveal who gave how much donation to which party.

But obviously BJP is an honest party that "na to khaati hai na khaane deti hai"

Part 4/6
How PMO interfered with electoral bonds sale periods and enforced illegal sale of these bonds right before state elections of Chattisgarh, MP, Mizoram and Rajasthan.

But obviously BJP is not corrupt.

Part 2/6

On how current govt not only did not head RBI and Election Commission about illegal money through electoral bonds but also lied in the highest annals of our democracy.

But BJP is not corrupt, obviously.

Part 1 of 6

On how BJP got money to build the world's largest party HQ, horse trading and possibly fix elections.

How other parties also benefitted from this but लोग सिर्फ चढ़ते सूरज को प्रणाम करते हैं। Hence probably no one is giving any attention to them.

Also how there is a system to ensure there is no knowledge of who gave the money.

Well if you haven't noticed, inexpensive education is the param seva you can do of the poor.

Is gareebo ki seva aur uddhaar just part of a manifesto or you are that gullible?

If you are stupid, the least you can do is be consistent about it.


People who say JNU must have fee hike and are against the student protest are the same people who

- Elect the MPs who get a salary of lakhs of rupees and still eat at subsidised rates in the parliament
- Elect the Parliamentarians who also get pension
- Give money in cash to babas and priests and maulvis who use the money tax free.

Did you not choose a party and the man that keeps saying "Main gareeb tha" , "Gareebo ki seva hi dharm hai", "main chaiwala tha" "main fakeer hu" etc.


[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


The strength to challenge an establishment comes from the people's own individual tragedies.
While the government keeps presenting with problems and fears much larger than your own, in front of which you think your problems are miniscule.
That's how they are controlling us.
Do not forget, your own challenges are not lesser than "national threat from Pakistan". There are people to fight that threat while no one else to fight for your own problems.
Do not stop talking about what is pissing you off

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