In newest v1.0.3, they added Local Timeline which named Community now!
Besides that, they also changed "communities" to "servers" :blobcheer:

@jarm Oh! I just updated v1.0.3 from store without noticing there was a v1.0.2. Thank you for this info ;)

@duy @feditips is it possible to have multiple accounts i the official app. Last time i checked it was not allowed.

@coffe @duy

Yes, it is possible to have multiple accounts on the official masto app.

Press and hold down your profile picture in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, then select "add account".

@duy @feditips i am blind. Where is the local timeline (communities) 😅
Can someone please help an old boomer! 🧙‍♂️☕

@duy @feditips never mind. I found it. Its " hidden away " under the search-icon and a couple of swipes to the right.

@coffe @duy

Glad you got it sorted, and that's a good tip you've posted for others that are looking for it 👍

@coffe You could choose the Search tab then move between menus above. For multi account, you must signed in an account then tap and hold your avatar in the corner ;)

@duy you, my friend, are a true hero!
Thank you! 🎖️

@duy @coffe a little fustrated now. Can't find the local timeline button or explore page/button

@mphojele @coffe Continue to swipe-left that menu, you'll see Community on the right next to Posts. And make sure you updated newest version 1.0.3

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