I'm building my online portfolio with 👻 So smooth!

@cnx tùng dinh dinh cắc tùng dinh dinh

Choose your world

@kev I don't have an about page but my homepage is it. How do you think about this?

now have story posts, too. When will they add livestream lol

Is there any reasonably simple way to find out which languages are most used by users on your instance? It would make it easier to understand which languages you need to try and source moderators for.

The animal that attracts a large number of spectators to the circus will receive special privileges over the other animals.


Dear Fediverse,

My personal opinion: every day someone is NOT using Facebook or WhatsApp, is a good day for mankind.

Thats why I am going to promote my new, free, privacy friendly chat service a bit via this channel.

Sometimes there might also be a funny or intersting toot among them - Sorry for that in advance. 😏

Happy chatting,
Yours, William Chatner

+++ jabtrix.net +++

@EdMoman I'm curious about what did you say on Linkedin?

@maique Such nice interface. And the domain is so cool.

Libre Software Phone (The Article)

:globe_w_lines: ubuntubuzz.com/2021/09/libre-s

:verified: This is the long article based upon this Mastodon post above. More links, shops, and information included.

❤️ Thank you very much for everyone who participated in this amazing chance!

📩 Sharing is good.

:gnu: :linux: 📱 :purism: :pine64: :ubuntu: :kde: :gnome: :postmarketos: :android: :matrix: :xmpp:

#FreeSoftware #Phone #Librem5 #PinePhone #UbuntuTouch #eOS #LineageOS #PlasmaMobile #PostmarketOS

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surfing today

released v0.11.1 – Top bar with Home, Direct, Notifications icons were redesigned. Wish all remain icons will be changed more clean, elegant as same as those!

released v3.4.0 – A big update with new necessary features. Vietnamese UI is so smooth now.

@david Some people are having this problem, too. If you share joinmastodon.org, your comment/post will be hidden.

@cnx Haha, I mean the UI and performance. Of course, my favourite version is XP, too. XP's succeeders are truely bad, I must remove a bunch of bloatwares and spywares after installed those.

in a nutshell

Windows 98: Good
Windows ME: Bad
Windows XP: Good
Windows Vista: Bad
Windows 7: Good
Windows 8 & 8.1: Bad
Windows 10: Good
Windows 11: :blobamused:

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