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My anime recommendations are:

1. Jujutsu kaisen
2. Mob psycho 100
3. ONE PIECE (will become your reason for living)

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Gintama titles that made me laugh even before the episode began.. HAHAH (a thread)

I want to apologize to my fans and followers for failing to post in the past few hours. I was educating people.

Why do I need to complete so many forms? You already know who I am?

I asked them to remove me from the group and move to Signal.

Bcz Telegram should be swept under the rug.

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My work group found telegram! Fuck my life.

Sheeesh i wrote a bad dissertation as a graduate
Have you heard this bop? Apparently it went viral! But Just in case you haven't..

Only this much theory i can muster in this depressed state 😂 :ageblobcat:

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This insane logic of capitalism where money makes money .. so you already have to have money to get richer.. is unjust.

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Don't forget you are a worker..
Labour is the only thing we sell to make money.

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