People if you have questions just ask😎 👍

No personal stuff:

*Fuck all Nazis, burn in hell alt-right🤬 🤬 🤬
*where I live
*what my name is
*color of my persona
*s*xual orientation
*world view

Anything else is fine

@eatenpetals Oh sorry, I was afk😅

Well I have a lot of favorite animes.

One Piece is awesome.
Naruto & Shippuden too
Hellsing is very good OVAS and TV-Series
Serial Experiments lain
Mononoke is very good too
cowboy bepop
golden boy
samurai champloo
black lagoon
so much more…

And yours are?

@nemo you mean the Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke. I like that too!

I still have to what shippuden. I have watched 5 from your list! So I'll add them to mine!

@eatenpetals awesome 😃 👍

No mononoke is a different from princess mononoke.

But princes mononoke is also one of my favourites. Generally ghibili movies are very good.

You should definetly watch mononke here a trailer

A tue piece of art👍 😂

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