want to fuck everyone in the body improvement club. they're so kind and bulky

:ablobmeltsoblove: :ablobmeltsoblove: :ablobmeltsoblove:

Trying not to fetishize gay men and be proper and then Bretman Rock goes and does this..

CW: teacher aggression 

my biggest pet peeve is students emailing me their late assignments as an attachment or drive link with no context..

feel like..

Silver soul arc was not as great as the shinsengumi farewell arc. It had its moments but the fight was boring and stretched out. The last last five episodes were crazy though, almost seemed like it was trying to wrap up to begin another long arc. But apparently, it was a scam and we are back! XD XD

the only reason I am a convenient vegetarian is because of kori rotti.

(internet pics)

it's the correction weekend. AGAIN.
this keeps happening to m e..

My opinion exactly!

(Joel Kim booster is hilarious and so hot.. it frustrates me)

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