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I've not used social media for so long.. I just realised I missed so much of inktober

ICYMI: Watch Greta Thunberg Rickroll the audience at a recent Climate Live concert in Stockholm, Sweden. Rick Astley himself later commented on the moment, calling Greta’s rendition ‘fantastic’ on Twitter.

[:tw: — #bot]

just too much of the hero crying.. and nothing changing.

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Yaar I was expecting so much more from "garden of words"


Dreaming about quitting my perfectly fine job. I'm an idiot.

Up and down my street boomers are simply yelling their posts into an uncaring sky

if my website went down i would simply bring it back up

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Thanks #Facebook, #Whatsapp, and #Instagram for demonstrating so clearly today the superiority of #decentralized, open platforms like #Mastodon. Also thanks for reminding us that life indeed goes on without you.

thoughts and prayers that facebook remains offline 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I decided that I'll not indulge in identity politics and then Brahm!n uncle says something stupid and I'm like-- 😤💢🗯️ fucking Brahm!ns spewing bullshit.. 😭

Everyday I think I should leave teaching but I don't know if it's the right move or just dissatisfaction that I must ride through

my super power is spelling bourgeoisie correctly the first time

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