Got to end a solid by yelling about something near and dear to my heart: Twitter is for jokes!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my least favorite aspect of this pandemic is the game theory.

What I didn’t expect from the locusts is that I’d prefer them to the plague.

I know people are just staring at me because I have a mask on, but it means I get to pretend my stylish mask and dress matching is finally being appreciated. 💁‍♀️

Nothing like watching a national security official preaching about American exceptionalism at the January 6th hearings to make you want to go back to the Netherlands.

Waiting for bats while your Mom thinks you’re trolling her, also recommend.

Watching a bird feeder all day is time well spent. I think I need a fancy one so only the cute little birds can use it.

Kids: What’s can?
Me: Kan, it sounds the same.
Kids: But what about a garbage can?
Me: Vulnuisbak.
Kids: (endless giggling)

Turns out people holding handkerchiefs waving at boats departing, they had those handkerchiefs out to dry their tears.

It’s always a good week to treat the relationships you care about with care and attention, and recognize when investing is not the right approach. Thanks Crucial Conversations!

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In software development it's rarely worth it to invest in a better plan - 'better' as in more details, more precision, more things listed. Chances are the effort you're willing to invest (and rightfully so) is a lot less than what would be needed to get the plan to that level.

Which is not to say you don't need a plan, but a plan should provide you with options, not commitments.

I have retired early from: loud places, parties for my own birthday, Facebook, needing a bigger house, and for the most part, automobiles. What can you retire early from?

"It’s a known and very moving problem, one of the many things a sensitive mind will do in response to a lack of love and to a basic fear that’s had to be borne alone." Welp.

Norweigan has two distinct written languages. As someone who grew up with very minimal instruction in a second language, I struggle to understand the effort this takes.

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calling people boss: sexy
actually being a boss: not sexy

My live-texting @j19sch about Tiger King was furious enough to crash the Signal app.

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