Can someone explain me what a Supplychain Attack is and how open source users can be harmed by it?

I'll have nothing to do but read manga all day long and eat.

This pandemic thing will transform me into a weaboo

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Well, my doctor said I have a lunge infection that may or not be caused by . BUT my grandfather, who I live with, does have Covid, so it is very possible, although not confirmed, that I do have it as well.

Bread, Toilets and Bicycles.
They surely are in my Top 10 best human inventions.

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Amnesty International: "We must have a #PeoplesVaccine for everyone, everywhere. It’s the best way to end #COVID19 and keep us all safe.

Tell pharma companies to give us all a fair shot: πŸ“’

[:tw: β€” #humanrights #news #bot]

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,β€Š,β€‰β€Šγ€€     ⭒'β€‰β€Š β€Šγ€€ γ€€
β€Šγ€€β€Šγ€€β€‰ .β€‰βœ©β€Š βœ«β€‰β€‰γ€€   γ€€
,✫ .β€‰β€Šβ­’β€Š    β€Š β€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€‰
β€Š βœ©β€Š   . β€Šγ€€ β€Šβ€‰β€Š   
γ€€*   γ€€β€Šγ€€β€‰β€‰    β€Šγ€€β€‰
β€‰β€‰β€‰β€Šβ€Š β€Šβ€‰γ€€β€‰β€Šγ€€ β€Šβ€‰γ€€  ⭒
γ€€β€Š β€Šβ€‰'βœ¦β€Šβ€‰β€Š     γ€€γ€€β€‰β€‰βœ¦
*✦'γ€€γ€€β€‰βœ«β€‰βœ© β€Š*    β€‰β€‰β€Š

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#TIL Internet Archive's new service: Internet Archive Scholar. Search 25 million research articles preserved in the Internet Archive.

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When you lay down outside, looking up at the sky, you’re actually staring down into an infinite cosmic abyss with only the earth’s gravity stopping you from drifting off forever.

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