holy fuck what happened, why is everyone fucking spanish now. and the fucking stans. oh god

dear all linux tech weirdos: the only people reading your toots are 13-17 year old kids who wont give a fuck about open source operating systems for another 6 years

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:sm64_r: :sm64_e: :sm64_a: :sm64_l: :sm64_i: :sm64_t: :sm64_y:
:sm64_i: :sm64_s:
:sm64_l: :sm64_i: :sm64_e:

haha just kidding i got gains bro... 16 6" 137lbs
please help.

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time to be a scumfuck and flex on the internet so i can grasp at the validation i so desperatly desire because my parents never gave it to me.

going to the gym and getting a pump for the first time in months is a feeling i would never trade for another.

population of this instance: antifa retards, tech dudes screaming about linux, homestuck fandom kids, furries, zoomer kids with their shit ass "haha sex comedy" and fringe artists.

someone send me some black metal records, i can only listen to Transylvanian hunger so many times

yo tusky notifications suck ass. so delayed

i like how theres like 5k people posting on this instance, but like 8 people actually post.

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one of, if not the, most influential jazz records of all time. a truly spiritual experience that takes you through coltraine's psyche.
John Coltraine - A Love Supreme

check it out.

kids that have no emotional outlet other than the internet need to go do something else. learn an instrument or go to the gym or some shit, don't look for pity from strangers.

retards literally spamming anything they think of need to stop.

spent many many hours working on a track, my relative asks if they can hear it. i say sure and play it for them. they look at their phone for the entirety of the time i played it for them. IF SOMEONE PUTS THEIR EFFORT INTO SOMETHING, THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS FUCKING GIVE THEM YOUR ATTENTION. FUCK.

one of the most influential and well known black metal records, Darkthrone pulls out all the proverbial stops to give you something truly brutal and satanic.
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger

check it out.

anyone that has the default masto icon or a photo of themselves i automatically assume they are either some dumb fuck antifa, or a tech employee.

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oh my fucking god can y'all stop making parody accounts every 5 minutes

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